3909877 - Supreme Edition Darth Vader

Color Size GTIN
schwarz STD 0082686998772
schwarz XL 4002162142075

This black jumpsuit was cast from the original Lucas Studio molds. It has quilted faux leather sleeves and pants, a lavish cape and heavy duty armor pieces: a collar, shoulder gards, shin guards, a chest piece and a belt. Includes a helmet (34199) with a breathing device, as well as gloves with gauntlets.

Size chart

jumpsuit with armor pieces, helmet and gloves

Weight (net)
10.5 kg

Material composition
Zweitstoff / Second Material / Secundaire stof
100% Polyurethan / Polyurethane / Polyurethaan / Polyuréthane

Erststoff / First Fabric / Primaire stof / Premier Tissu
95% Polypropylen / Polypropylene / Polypropeen / Polypropyléne
5% Metall / Metallic / Metalen / Métallique

Care instructions

Sizes may differ depending on the individual costumes styles.
Supreme Edition Chewbacca
Minnie Headband
Williwaw adult
Williwaw child